From Personal Struggle to Empowering Hundreds

Do You Recognise These Struggles?

Have you ever experienced that unsettling feeling of vulnerability? or Do you seek empowerment that’s more than just a buzzword?
Are you bored of your current routine and want to bring some excitement and challenge to your life?
Do you see your children trying to find their voice, unable to stand up for themselves or even struggling with bullies?  Do they need a place where they can grow in confidence and learn life skills in an environment that meets them where they are?

From Anxious and self-conscious to strong and empowered

Our journey shared similarities with many others. Struggling with feelings of anxiety, low self-esteem, and confidence… martial arts and self-defence training served as the first step on the road to a stronger person. Put off by the ego driven, fear and shame-based culture commonly found in many martial arts institutions, we sought to create a space where compassion, collaboration and strength were at the forefront of the experience… From this StandStrong academy was born.

Hannah created StandStrong Academy as she felt like she never quite belonged, always having to hide who she was, never able to find her voice until 2017 when all that changed.  Martial arts gave her the confidence and resilience to break free from her own mind, step outside her comfort zone and take responsibility to create a new life for herself. A life where she felt like she was in control. A life where she could thrive, and become the strongest, and most empowered version of herself.

Sam joined StandStrong Academy shortly after its inception. Having suffered from bullying throughout school and lacking any guidance on confidence and self-worth, the effects of this lasted into adulthood. Sam found martial arts as a way to write a new story instead of living in the past. When bullying surfaced in the martial arts community, he was a part of he decided that there needed to be a better way.

Now our passion is to give this back to the community of Bristol. To help you create a life that is full of confidence. We have created an inclusive opportunity to share the tools that changed our lives, so you can become happy, strong, and safe.

Student Stories

Transformative martial arts & fitness

Hannah and Sam offer an amazing experience at StandStrong. It's been transformative for my fitness and my martial arts skills have come on leaps and bounds. Such an amazing community.

Bethan / 30  | Admin

Confidence & Strength from Day One

My daughter has been training with StandStrong since the age of 5 (now 9). StandStrong has helped her physical and mental development, and she is growing into a strong and confident young woman, as a result. The team are really passionate and committed to the kids and their growth. 

Carl  | 40/ Brislington/ Stay at home dad

Safer, happier, healthier

StandStrong Academy in Brislington is an outstanding martial arts academy that excels in building confidence and self-defence skills. 

Since joining I feel much more confident in my skills, I feel safer, and fitness has improved dramatically.

Kristian  | 

With our guidance, harness your true potential, achieve better health, and build lifelong friendships