Mixed Adult:  Krav Maga - Self Defence

Don't compromise on your safety

In todays world it is easy to build up anxiety around personal safety... But it doesn't have to be this way.

Do you feel overly reliant on others for safety? Or are you ever left wondering how you would defend your family and loved ones? Maybe you have trips aboard planned and want some peace of mind around your safety? Do you feel uncomfortable at the thought confrontation? Maybe you are a lone worker and often feel vulnerable?

Learning self defence is a life skill that will take you from a space of fear, to one of confidence, enabling you to live life to the fullest without looking over your shoulder.

Professional Self Defence Coaching

Martial arts and self defence schools can often feel as intimidating as a real confrontation. StandStrong is here to break down that barrier and bridge the gap between top quality self defence and combat training and the people that need it.

Our member focussed team were all beginners once, we understand the anxieties, stories and situations that may have brought you to our door.  We provide a safe space free of egos and judgement so you can get the best out of your training with us and make it easier than ever to get involved.

We also understand that everyone learns differently and are fully prepared to meet you where you're at with your fitness level, previous experience and self defence mindset.

Real life application

Although our ethos promotes inclusivity and professionalism, our self-defence programme does not compromise on quality.

You will learn a variety of different skills from martial arts such as Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu and how to appropriately apply these skills in a variety of real-life self defence scenarios allowing you to...

  • Efficiently defend your family and loved ones
  • Feel empowered to put boundaries in with bullies
  • Escape grabs and holds and other attacks
  • Deal with unwanted attention and manage your personal space
  • Never feel unprepared again

More than just fighting

Martial arts classes often miss the mark and only give you the fighting side of self defence. We provide you with the full package.

  • We help you understand the UK Law so you feel confident to make decisions and act when it comes to your safety
  • We will show you different skills that can be used in conflict management and de-escalation to avoid some situation getting violent
  • We will help you learn physical and emotional boundary setting and then how to manage them when they are being violated
  • We will give you skills to identify types of violence that exists and how to spot danger signs early
  • We will help you understand how violence can escalate and so you can prepare and act faster
  • We will show you what to do after a violent encounter to keep yourself physically, emotionally and legally safe

We look forward to meeting you

With our guidance, harness your true potential, achieve better health, and build lifelong friendships