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Kid's & Youths self-defence Bristol

Join our self-defence classes for children

Kid's & Youths self-defence Bristol

We understand the worries and stresses you face when it comes to your children. You want them to grow up being kind adults, knowing right from wrong,  and being filled with confidence to succeed in life.

Here at StandStrong Academy, we are here to support you parents. We are here to help you take the worry and stress out by supporting your child’s development.

Our modern and practical kids self defence programme not only teaches your children valuable skills to protect themselves, but it helps them to discover self discipline, leadership skills,  teamwork, friendship, and a positive mental attitude, all whilst having fun and making new friends.

Our under 16 classes are designed to support your children  learn the skills needed to stand up and protect themselves against bullies,  have the confidence to say no to peer pressure, and understand how to deal with unknown adults when away from the safety of you parents.

With our carefully structured programs, your child will thrive, and learn to stand strong in  life.

All our classes are taught by our dedicated and passionate coaches, who constantly strive to deliver fun, safe, and quality training to all our members.



Our mission is to support your child from an early age develop valuable life skills to support them to have a strong, confident, and resilient future.

Whilst these lessons are incredibly fun and your child will definitely enjoy it, there are enormous benefits in everything we do to support your child.

As a parent you will feel incredibly proud, as you watch your little one develop their ninja skills in

  • Listening & focus
  • Concentration
  • Confidence
  • Determination
  • Respect
  • Positive mindset

And of course, we want to ensure they continue to develop their other key development skills

  • Balance
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Agility
  • Jumping
  • Running

All the skills and values we teach will equip your child for the rest of their lives. These are skills they will use daily, skills that will hep them succeed in life, and help them to be brave, strong, and kind too.



This is the age where kids start to notice differences in school. People are singled out more for how they look, the clothes they are wearing . Confidence takes a dip, and self esteem & anxiety issues start to creep in.

Our junior self defence programme is here to support you as parents take the worry off your shoulders. We will help you prepare your children for the next stage in their journey through school, and social life. Your child will become a confident, strong leader, capable of looking after themselves and others.

Not only will your child learn how to deal with

  • Physical, verbal, & online bullying
  • Stranger awareness

They will also gain

  • Positive mindset
  • Determination
  • Confidence
  • Respect
  • Leadership skills
  • Self esteem
  • Friendship





Teenage years can be the most challenging for children and parents. With mood changes, peer pressure, school pressures, it is no wonder there is a lot of frustration, lack of motivation, and time wasting that takes place.

Our youths programme is here to support you, and your teenager, transfer all that frustration into invaluable skills to support them as they navigate through senior school.

Watch your teen transform as they become an empowered individual who can

  • confidently deal with peer pressure
  •  recognise & deal with physical &mental bullying
  • defend themselves when dealing with gangs and unknown adults

And alongside the invaluable self defence, they will also work on fundamental life skills including

  • Positive mindset
  • Leadership skills
  • Confidence
  • Self esteem
  • Motivation
  • Respect
  • Self discipline
  • Friendships

We will support you parents grow an empowered teen, who is ready to take on the challenges of college, university, work, and life!


Infants, Juniors & Youths
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Under 16 schedule


Infants class

16:30 – 17:00

Juniors class

17:15 – 18:00


Youth class

17:30 – 18:15


Infants Class

16:30- 17:00

Juniors Class

17:15- 18:00


Youth Class

17:30- 18:15


Youths class

09:30- 10:15


Infants Class

09:15- 09:45

Junior Class

10:00- 10:45

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