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Women's Krav Maga self-defence classes in Bristol

Join our women-only classes

Women's Krav Maga self-defence classes in Bristol

Our women’s focussed classes are designed to leave you feeling awesome and unstoppable!

We break down social expectations of how women should be within society, we kick away ideas that women aren’t strong enough, and we certainly show that fighting like a girl means some serious butt kicking will take place!

Our unique program focuses on the most common threats in today’s society, working with you to grow a strong mindset around your safety, giving you back your power to defend yourself, igniting your  confidence to set strong boundaries, and giving you the belief to become your own heroine.

The classes will help you become your strongest version, and we will help you develop and grow skills such as;

  • how to strike and move effectively
  • how to recognise danger
  • how to avoid threatening situations
  • how to de-escalate effectively
  • how to break the freeze response when in danger
  • how to deal with attacks on the ground
  • how to deal with more than one attacker
  • how to deal with attacks with a weapon

They are a great way for you to get fitter and stronger, build resilience, set boundaries, relieve stress, all while having fun with other amazing women.

Come and learn to Stand Strong in our friendly and supportive club – you’re worth it.

Our women-only classes are available to women aged 16 and above.

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