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Kid's & Youths self-defence Bristol

Join our self-defence classes for children

Kid's & Youths self-defence Bristol

We understand the worries and stresses you face when it comes to your children. You want them to grow up being kind adults, knowing right from wrong,  and being filled with confidence to succeed in life.

Here at StandStrong Academy, we have built a under 16  self defence programme that not only teaches your children valuable skills to protect themselves, but it helps them to discover self discipline, leadership skills,  teamwork, and a positive mental attitude, all whilst having fun and making new friends.

Our under 16 classes are designed to support your children  learn the skills needed to stand up and protect themselves if the need arises against bullies,  have the confidence to say no to peer pressure, and understand how to deal with unknown adults.

The classes have been split down into age appropriate subjects with different focus across each age range,

With our carefully structured programs, your child will thrive, and learn to stand strong in  life.

Children must be between the ages of 4 and 15 to take part in our kids programmes.

Infants 4 to 6 years old – with a big focus on building core developmental skills including co-ordination, balance, listening & focus through simple and easy to learn self defence skills. These classes are kept lively and fun to ensure the little ones stay engaged whilst learning.

Juniors 7 to 10 years old – this programme focus continues on from the infants, but we introduce additional levels to the programme. We build up their technical skills more and work heavily on confidence building around using our voice, dealing with bullies, strangers and  believing in our capabilities. We also have our amazing champions for life programme. This life skill programme sits alongside our self defence, and brings in skills that are fundamental to life. The programme has core elements to it including: positive mindset, confidence, respect amongst many other great topics.

Youths 11 to 15 years old – this programme continues to build on the juniors, but the emphasis on technical skills climbs. The programme covers a lot more subjects that are in line with the threats that are facing this age group today and the sessions work harder on building up motivation to take on challenges outside the comfort zone.

All our classes are taught by coaches who are enhanced DBS checked and we strive to deliver fun, safe, and quality training to all our under 16 members.


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