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Krav Maga self-defence classes in Bristol

Begin your Krav Maga journey

Krav Maga self-defence classes in Bristol

Adult Krav Maga Classes (16+)

Learn more about our mixed-adult self-defence classes, where you can build your confidence and learn valuable life skills. For those 16 and above.

StandStrong Krav Maga elbow defence

Women’s Krav Maga Classes

We hold women-only self-defence classes aimed at empowering women to be their best and most confident self, run by a female Krav Maga expert.

StandStrong Krav Maga hold

Kid’s & Teen’s Krav Maga (5-15)

Help kids and teens get into shape, learn valuable life skills, and prepare them for the unknown. For children aged between 5 & 15.

StandStrong Krav Maga children's classes

Bespoke Krav Maga Classes

Create an effective, tailored self-defence solution for you, your colleagues, or your staff.

StandStrong Krav Maga mixed adult classes

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