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Women's Only Self Defence

Written by Hannah

Women's Only Self Defence

I get asked a lot, do you really think women’s only training is a good idea? It’s not that really is it really? I mean it’d be better if they trained with men…and to be fair – this used to be my attitude – once upon a time!

Since I opened up StandStrong women’s only classes, I have seen more women come into Krav Maga than I have the entire time I have been training in Bristol. During my Krav student days, the number of women who would come to class AND STAY was far and few between.

Turn up to class, nervous, fearful, walk into a room, 15 big guys stood there- it is scary. Also, we don’t know what people have been through. The reason behind some people learning Krav, or self-defence, could be down to having experienced something terrible in the past, so the idea of training with men, may not be an option for some women – at this stage.

The women’s only class give women an opportunity to come into a safe space, learn fundamental self-defence, designed for women, looking at common threats and situations women are facing. We build confidence and self-esteem, we teach fundamental striking, movement, awareness, avoidance, build up determination, and escaping techniques. And  I know women, who have trained purely in women’s only environment, and pulled off techniques against much bigger men in real life – because the mindset and confidence were there.

We do offer mixed adult on the program, so if the women feel they would like to train with men, the opportunity is there and we do encourage moving across into the mixed classes and have seen many of women start in the women’s only and now train mixed. But I believe by offering women’s only – we can increase the number of women getting involved and learning to fight back against violence.

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