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What is Krav Maga?

Written by Hannah

What is Krav Maga?

What do you do? Krav ma what? What’s that then? This is the response I get a lot when I talk about what I teach. Although Krav Maga is becoming more popular and more people are aware of it more than ever, its still not as known as your traditional martial art /self-defence systems out there.

So what is Krav Maga then? It is a self-defence combat system. It is designed to deal with modern-day threats and problems that we could face, anytime, anywhere.

The system isn’t all fight fight fight. It has elements of avoiding violence, de-escalating situations,  alongside the defending attacks, pre-emptive striking, and fighting back.  It is a big system, so there is lots to learn.

So what can you expect in a typical class?

We will start our classes with mobility and overall body warm-up, prepare the body for the class ahead.  This can include (not exclusive to), bodyweight exercises, kettlebell exercises, movement patterns, light conditioning.

Once we are warmed up, we will usually cover striking in some format, footwork, head movement, light grappling, or if we are working ground, basic ground movement such as getting up and down off the floor, moving on the grounds etc.

We will then move into the technical element of the class. We work off a program, looking at different threats / attacks. This could include weapons, someone acting aggressively to us with words, someone trying to grab us, someone trying to take us to the ground. dealing with more than one attacker – as I said it is a big system, but we don’t cover everything in one class – that would be too much and overwhelming. Instead, we build up over classes, starting with the basics/fundamentals. Typically in one class, you’ll expect to learn one technique, and over the program, you’ll build onto the blocks – creating strong base foundations and skills and building your confidence along the way.

Can anyone learn Krav Maga?

The system is designed on natural reactions, which is what makes it a simple system to learn. It will take you outside your comfort zone, so if you are prepared to push yourself a little – then yes it is for you. A lot of the time it isn’t the technical side of Krav Maga that people struggle with, but it is the mentality. Taking people away from the must not hit back, mus not hurt another human that we are conditioned into thinking in childhood, into its ok to defend yourself, you can hit another human (if the situation warrants). This is where we see the biggest blocks, but with the right training and knowledge, even the nicest people can put in place strong boundaries, and be able to defend themselves from acts of violence.

My advice – go and try a class. See if Krav Maga is for you. Decide if its what you want, decide if the club and instructor is for you…you may just fall in love with it 🙂

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