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Strength, conditioning & Krav Maga

Let's get fighting fit

Written by Hannah

I talk a lot about how strength ,and fitness goes hand in hand with Krav Maga training. Here I am going to talk a little bit more about this in detail.

Within StandStrong – we split our focus across the following areas:

  • Self defence
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Mobility

All these elements will feature in our programs – why? Because we believe it will make you a better practitioner, help you to reduce injury risks, and give you longevity to your training.

There is no denying Krav Maga is taxing on the body – it is a full contact based self defence system! There is no weight class either, and sometimes you will be faced with a partner /opponent twice your size.

In order to meet the demands, we need our body to be able to cope with this.

  • We need core strength for dealing with ground work, creating powerful striking, being able to take impact in our bodies from strikes
  • We need explosive power to be fast and powerful with our striking, to be able to change direction at any given moment.
  • We need mobility to help us keep healthy shoulders for striking, hips for kicking, to be able to get up and down off the ground

We need to be as fit as possible, as if we are ever in a self defence situation, we have no idea what we will face, who we will face, how long it will last, so we need to be in the best shape we can to handle what may come our way.

Having a solid strength and conditioning program available to students, in my opinion is key to help them become the best they can. Not just in class, but in life too!

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