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Krav Maga & Wellbeing

Written by Hannah

Krav Maga & Wellbeing

Yes – the two you wouldn’t perhaps put together. Krav Maga – Israeli Self Defence system, known for its brutal efficiency, and wellbeing. But they do! Krav Maga has made massive improvements to my everyday health and helped me to create a stronger life.

Let’s rewind a bit. I used to suffer from terrible anxiety, would have a lot of trouble saying no to people. I was a pushover, and would often find myself doing things I really didn’t want to be doing. This led to a lot of issues. My confidence was rock bottom, and I didn’t have a voice   Then I found Krav.

Although I loved Krav Maga as soon as I started, at the start I hated going to class. I would dread being picked out to do demos, thought everyone was staring at me and laughing at my inability to do the techniques. I’d often leave with a self-created migraine and have to have a real battle to get to the next class.  However, because the classes have a lot of emphasis on determination, building a strong fighting mentality, to keep going no matter what, this really helped me to push through the negative mindset. It helped me to take myself outside of my comfort zone, and that even if inside my head was screaming negative thoughts, I couldn’t give up on something I loved so much. Over time, things got easier and I began to love every aspect of the training, even the negative I can’t do this. It taught me that even if things feel uncomfortable, or they don’t always go to plan, you can carry on. This has such a carry over to everyday life – which let’s be honest has a plan of its own, and will throw curveballs at you left right and centre…being able to have the mindset of I will not give up, it helps to get through those less than desirable days.

There is also the boundary side.  Putting in place strong boundaries – saying no. Being able to walk away from negative situations or fight back if you need. This takes strength, but with practice, you are regularly training yourself to have the confidence to use your voice, and know when things aren’t feeling right its time to take action.  All things that carry over to everyday life. The number of times I have now put in place boundaries to protect myself emotionally said enough to negative situations or stood up for myself and my values. Old Hannah wouldn’t have had the strength. I truly believe that Krav Maga training has played a huge role in this through years of practising this behaviour over and over.

I could go on and on about the benefits, decision making, strength and fitness, but I won’t (for now). For me, Krav Maga shows you matter. It shows you that you are worth fighting for. It gives you strength and courage, even when you don’t think you can carry on. Well, that’s my take on it anyway. And all this has a massive impact on everyday life and wellbeing.

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