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Kettlebell the King of iron

Written by Hannah

Kettlebell the King of iron

Something you may have noticed about us, is we love Kettlebells! There is a good reason for this – you see they have an amazing carry over to Krav Maga training,  sport training, and general life!

Kettlebells have the ability to give you power, strength, speed, and mobility – if used correctly. They provide a complete body workout, with great results.

These great iron beasts aren’t a new training tool, in fact they have been around since the 17th century – and have proven time and time again their validity in training programmes. Power lifters use them alongside their training, MMA fighters adopt kettlebell workouts for conditioning , BJJ practioners , rowing teams, rugby players – they assist right across the spectrum to enhance performance for athletes.

BUT they aren’t just for top sporting athletes, they have a huge role to play in improving aspects of everyday life for us. They help us to improve our general  strength, they can help reduce back pain, they can improve our mobility, and lead us to better movement with every day tasks. They really are the King or Queen of iron!

And  not only are they a  great tool for training,  they don’t take up much space. So if you are a training at home kind of person, but don’t have the luxury of a home gym – then these are a great solution to assist you in your goals.

We have created a beginners guide to Kettlebells – it gives you some tips on form, and exercises to do when you are first starting out! Grab your copy by downloading the PDF below

Beginners Kettlebell guide 2


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