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5 steps to get started in Krav Maga

Written by Hannah

Getting started in something like Krav Maga can seem overwhelming to many at first. There is a lot to the self-defence system. You are introduced to de-escalation, avoidance, the law, stand-up combat and a range of strikes, weapons, ground, multiple attackers. How are you ever going to learn it all?

Well, something to think about is that the instructor at the front was once a beginner – they had their first class and had to learn everything you are about to learn. They have been through the same thought process at some point. 

Take small steps. Relax your mind, turn up, have fun, and start to learn more week in and week out. Your instructor will guide you in bitesized stages to progressing through the syllabus. 

Train regularly. Most Krav Maga clubs have a programme in place; we certainly have one at StandStrong. We cover topics across the week. The more classes you attend, the more exposure you will get, the more practice – thus improving your knowledge.

Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask the instructors to explain things again to you. Or to ask questions about the technique if you are not sure. We all learn differently and at different paces. You may have missed something the first time, so ask again if it doesn’t make sense.

Research. Ask your instructor if they can recommend any good resources you can study outside of class. YouTube is a world of knowledge, but you never really know the validity of who you are watching. Best to get the instructor to recommend sources at the start, as it is likely they have some good go to spaces.

Lastly, turn up and have fun. Krav Maga is an incredible system, and in the right club, you can find yourself in an incredible community that makes you feel right at home.

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