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Does strength training make you bulky?

Written by Hannah

Does strength training make you bulky?

I don’t want to lift weights as they will make me bulky – a common phrase I have heard a lot…

Let’s first talk about what is bulky? Bulky is subjective and what it means for each of us is very different. For me bulky is The Hulk – for others bulky could mean Captain America – we all see the world through different eyes and have our own take on what bulky actually means!

We all have our own ideas on what are bodies look like and how we would like to look. I bet if you asked 10 people in the room to describe me, they would all say something different – because we are all different 🙂

Really at the heart when someone says too bulky they mean unattractive to others. Again this is so subjective, and you see we can not define what too bulky looks like!

So back to the point of lifting weights – heavy weight and getting bulky!

Some of the research out there suggests that the general population of women do not have the same hormone profile as men, and therefore can not gain the same muscle mass. Whilst for many they will not “get big”, some women do and again that is ok.

The truth is we all respond to training differently. Hormones, diets, genetics, how often we are training, how heavy we are lifting, can all play a part in how our bodies will respond to the training we are doing.

I have friends who look completely different to me – all of us lift heavy weights and we all look different. And again we are all fine with that- as we know we are all different.

What I like to say more now is strength is more of a feeling, and less of a look!

The benefits that strength training can bring to your life are big:

1. Get physically stronger
2. Improve bone density
3. Improve joint stability
4. Help reduce risk of injury
5. Make you feel awesome

If you would like help with getting started in strength training drop me a message and let’s have a chat. StrongFirst personal training

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