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What are the benefits of a bootcamp?

Take your health and fitness to new levels with Bristol's Early Morning Bootcamp

Written by Hannah

What are the benefits of a bootcamp?

What are bootcamps?


Boot camp workouts’ high-intensity interval training (HIIT) means that you’re working more than just one muscle group. In fact, you’re working your entire body.

Bootcamps include cardiovascular, strength, endurance, and flexibility drills. Bootcamp challenges every muscle in your body and with little rest in between each set; you’re bound to feel the burn.


Here are 8 benefits of doing bootcamp training with the StandStrong Academy:


It’s a Confidence Enabler

Our Early Morning Bootcamp builds confidence. You know that feeling when you finish the most challenging workout of your life, and your clothes are dripping in sweat? That’s a confidence boost. That’s a StandStrong boost.


Skyrocket Your Self-Esteem

When you consistently overcome those challenges, time and time again, you’re skyrocketing your self-esteem. We are more than a fitness gym, we are a health and wellness academy who cares more than just your body.


“I Believe”

Pushing yourself through this workout again and again will improve your mentality. It will make you believe that you can do this. You’ll surprise yourself with what you’re capable of. Our coaches will remind you of your progress and celebrate with you!


You’re going to be toned

Why? Because the goal of a bootcamp workout isn’t just improvement in one area. The goal is improvement in all areas. The programmes are designed with your health in mind.


Feel The Burn

Bootcamp aims to get your heart rate up and keep that heart pumping. This is going to help build stamina and endurance. 


Happier Training

The bootcamp workout will help decrease stress and will release that feel-good chemical in your brain to help improve your mood. Take the buzz into the rest of your day. Start as you mean to go on.


Long-Term Fitness

Bootcamp workouts are addictive. Once you start, the mental and physical benefits mean you won’t want to stop. You’ll keep going back for more and we’d be delighted to welcome you to every session.


Accountability Takes You Further

Being a part of a community will keep you motivated and hold you accountable. There’s no “I will get to the gym later” mood when you work together to achieve total health. That’s why we run them as group sessions – your gym buddies will want to see you succeed, too.


The intervals and strength training are proven to lean and tone your body. This isn’t a fitness trend. It’s science. And it gets results.


Our Early Morning Bootcamp is here to support people like you – people who like to get up and get it done for the day. People who want to start their day feeling invigorated and alive.

With an energetic mix of total body workouts, you’ll feel the effects and see the results in no time at all. You’ll surprise yourself with what you’re capable of. 

What are you waiting for? Become the best version of yourself.

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