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4 benefits for children learning self defence

Written by Hannah

Considering the alarming rate in bullying and child trafficking globally, our children should have the ability to defend themselves if the need arises. It’s our duty as parents to teach them some plan of action, whether it be self defence or just being aware of potential dangers whenever they notice something out of the ordinary. 

The ability to protect yourself physically from harm is a fundamental human right that should be accessible to everyone, including children. We often overlook teaching children self defence in today’s society, but it is of the highest importance.

There is more to self defence training. Important life skills, values and principles can be learned, such as hard work, dedication, perseverance, and the importance of maintaining personal relationships.

Children go through many stages of development, so you should make sure your child is presented with the correct principles of self defence.

What is the difference between martial arts and self defence?

Martial Arts are systems and traditions of combat practised for several reasons such as competition, spiritual development; entertainment; and preserving a nation’s cultural heritage.

Here are some examples of martial arts:

  • Karate,
  • Boxing
  • Ju-Jitsu,
  • Taekwondo,
  • Judo,
  • Wrestling
  • and more.

Self defence is a countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm.

Self defence is for real-life scenarios and is a non-competitive sport. Self defence is helpful for:

  • Bullying; emotional and physical,
  • Stranger danger, 
  • Headlocks, 
  • T-shirt grabs, 
  • Restraints, 
  • School dangers, 
  • Manipulations,
  • and more.
  • The goal is to teach children how to avoid conflict by using mental and physical skills to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations when necessary. And if required to defend themselves or their siblings physically.

Self-defence focuses on function over form, whereas martial arts is often about form over function. That means that it doesn’t matter how messy the self defence technique looks as long as it works.

The 4 benefits of self defence for children


The knowledge and importance of self defence in a child’s development cannot be overstressed. Self defence can empower children with this knowledge, and of course, the responsibility that comes with it. 

Don’t think of it as fighting. Self defence teaches children when and where to apply their knowledge and skills. Self defence teaches children that their body isn’t a tool to inflict harm on others but rather to defend themselves against attacks. By practising self defence, children quickly understand the roles and responsibilities they play in society.

Bullying prevention

Bullying is every parent’s horror. As a child, you may have experienced it in schools, on the playgrounds, and even in your social circles. As parents, we dread the day we find out that our child is either a bully or bullied. It has been a problem for many years, but there is a way to prevent it – by developing our children’s social skills. 

Any given child can be a bully or a bully target. One way to strengthen our children’s social skills is through the practice of self defence.

Self defence enables children to improve their confidence, discipline, self-respect, and respect for others. Because the change has to come from within ourselves, gaining these necessary personality traits can help prevent or even stop bullying. 

Empower your children with self defence and watch the positive effect it has on their lives, and their friendships.

Values and principles

Some of the values that self defence teaches include courage, honesty, respect, humility, and discipline.

For StandStrond, we are passionate about educating children to lead powerful lives. This includes holding themselves to a higher standard and living their values. We show them examples, and they use what they feel is right.

One of our principles is perseverance through failure. Throughout life, people will fail, but self defence teaches them to embrace failure and see it as an opportunity to improve.

We give our children the opportunity to learn vigilance, attention to detail of their surroundings and some responsibility of their own in our absence.

Our principles are not textbooks learning but are evenly as important as academics. Self defence with StandStrong is an opportunity for children to learn these principles by training in the academy. 

Responsibility and accountability 

Everyone needs to understand and be responsible for their actions. The earlier we teach children this, the better. Not everything goes our way as life presents us challenges and obstacles to achieving. The essential part is learning how to manage these issues. Self defence teaches children to roll with the punches and pick themselves back up again — no matter how hard they fall. What matters most is getting back up and moving forwards towards greatness and strength. 

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StandStrong focuses on the detail

The fundamentals of self defence training for children should start with and centre around the following, which is why we put these at the core of our academy:

  • Why they should never wander off without their parents knowing
  • The potential dangers in different environments
  • Developing awareness and learning how to defend themselves from an attacker properly
  • Understanding the importance of who picks and drops them off at school. 
  • The importance of never leaving with unknown adults, and reporting anything to a teacher or a trusting adult
  • Avoiding potential danger as quickly as possible
  • How to outsmart or shout out and scream an attacker if they feel unsafe. An example would be to shout ‘Help me, Stranger Danger, ‘ instead of just kicking or screaming as kids often do, which can be mistaken for a tantrum.
  • How much their family love them and why they should never be taken away from their family
  • How to keep themselves out of danger and spot the warning signs

We are more than a self defence club. We are an academy.



  1. a place of study or training in a special field.

Enrol your child

Give your children the best start in life – let them StandStrong! Try us for free. Book a session using our online booking system and our coaches will greet you and your family to the academy. 

At the end of the session, you decide if this is the right education for your child personal development. 

If you decide to enrol, we will take good care of your child as if they were our own. We will guide them using our values and principles through self defence training. 

To you and your children’s future.




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