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Who is behind StandStrong

Hi there

My name is Hannah and StandStrong is my baby. I am going to talk a little bit about me, my love for people, and for what I teach : )

Truth is up until 2017 my life looked very different. I was an anxious, depressed human with little to no self worth. As far as I was concerned, I was not good enough, and would never amount to anything. I battled with eating disorders and disordered eating, and at times wondered why I was even on this earth.  Then my life changed !

I had been training in Krav for 7 years at the time. Even during classes I was afraid of being pulled up the front of class for demonstration as the negative self talk would be constant  -you are not good enough. You are a fraud. Yet somehow in 2017 I found myself on the General Instructor Course under KMG UK.

Whilst I was doing my Krav Maga instructor course ,  the head instructor said to me, you would go so much further if you didn’t live in your head so much. These words stung. They stuck, and they forced me to make changes. Uncomfortable changes. Difficult changes. Painful changes. BUT changes that would take my life in a completely new direction.

I started to challenge my old story of who I  was and what I was capable of. I started to unpick who I thought I was and my place in the world, and over time a stronger more confident, more powerful version of myself emerged.

My love for training grew and I expanded my knowledge into kettlebells and strength training under StrongFirst and became a level 3 personal trainer and nutrition coach too.

I now take my experiences and use them to help people in similar situations to me. I champion the under dog, and I know change is possible with hard work and determination. I love people, I hate seeing people suffer, and so I created a space where people from all walks of life could come and train as equals, free from judgment, or expectations on who they should be. To create a space where thy could grow and fulfil their true potential.

StandStrong academy is here to support healing, promote growth and guide transformation from within – we are here to unite and create a better future for ourselves

Peace out

Hannah xx


Hi my name is Sam and I am the Head Coach for the under 16 programme and Krav Maga programme within STANDSTRONG. I started Krav Maga back in 2013 and I have never looked back. It has helped me develop my self belief and over come my past experiences with bullying.  It has shown me hat my past experiences don’t define me, and I am capable of anything I set my mind towards.

I now love to give back to those that come and train with us.

Alongside the Krav Maga I have experience in VIP and Close party protection, physical intervention and conflict management training.

I love what we do here at STANDSTRONG – we have created a special community.


Hi my name is James and coach across STANDSTRONG’s fitness programmes. You will largely find me waking the crew up at the early morning circuits – wakey weighty. I have been qualified as a PT and fitness trainer for over 6 years now and I just love it. I have a real passion for helping people feel stronger , and seeing them achieve their goals. I love what STANDSTRONG are creating, and love being part of the community here!